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Dandelion Lion
Dandelion Lion
Dandelion Lion

Dandelion Lion

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Dandelion Lion Mane Activity

Bring the outdoors to life with our Dandelion Lion Mane activity! Perfect for young explorers, this delightful craft encourages kids to get outside and gather dandelions to decorate their very own lion's mane. The laser-engraved and cut wood cutout of a lion makes for a creative and engaging outdoor activity that blends nature and art.

Product Details:
- **Activity**: Decorate the lion's mane with collected dandelions.
- **Dimensions**: 4.5" wide by 6" tall.
- **Material**: Premium birch wood, laser engraved and cut for precision.

How It Works:
1. **Collect Dandelions**: Kids head outside to find and pick dandelions.
2. **Decorate the Mane**: Insert the dandelions into the pre-cut holes on the lion's mane to create a colorful, fluffy mane. I tied stems together on the back for floral security.
3. **Display**: Show off the finished masterpiece as a natural and unique piece of art.

- **Encourages Outdoor Play**: Gets children active and engaged with nature.
- **Stimulates Creativity**: Allows kids to use their imagination and create unique designs.
- **Easy and Fun**: Simple enough for young children to enjoy with minimal supervision.

Perfect For:
- **Family Outings**
- **Nature Walks**
- **School Activities**
- **Birthday Parties**

What's Included:
- 1 Laser Engraved and Cut Lion Mane Wood Cutout

- $12.99 each